Full Body Safety Harnesses for working at height form a core component of Height Safety PPE. It can be hard to choose correctly as there are so many variations of harnesses available on the market.

To make things a little easier we've broken down our Harness choices based on your application:

Our Single Point Full Body Safety Harness options will only have attachment points at the rear/back of the Harness.

Our Two Point  Full Body Safety Harness options have both a rear and front (Dorsal) attachment point.

Our Technical Full Body Safety Harness options have varied attachment points and will include additional features such as Work Positioning Belts, Side D-Rings, ergonomic buckles/connectors and size variations.

Our Specialist Range includes Height Safety Harnesses that are designed for demanding environments such as ATEX areas (Explosive Atmospheres), Pylon work that could lead to electrocution, Welding environments where sparks and burns could damage your PPE, Full Body and Sit Harnesses for Rope Access work and Tree pruning and Tree Climbing Harnesses for Arborist tasks.

And if you're still not sure then speak to one of our knowledgeable and experienced sales team on 0161 449 5615. We're always happy to help!