Height Safety Kits

Our plethora of height safety kits keeps you safe while working on a variety of different equipment such as scaffolds and roofs. For this we supply reliable roofing kits along with roof safety harnesses, as we understand working at a height can potentially be very dangerous which is why it is vital that you make yourself safe with one of our harnesses or backpack kits.

A scaffold safety kit may be needed to suspend you from the required scaffolding on building sites while working in construction. This ensures that you are always working safely at dangerous heights, and its better to be safe than sorry! Each of our scaffolding safety kits come with a DuraFlex harness and are always tested thoroughly and are guaranteed to meet all safety requirements.

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Miller Barracuda Backpack Kit

Miller Barracuda Backpack Kit£299.88

Miller's Barracuda Kit is an all in one solution for...suttin?

Scaffolding Kit - Miller H-Design

Scaffolding Kit - Miller H-Design£285.90

Complete Kit for Scaffolders and Roofers. Includes H-Design DuraFlex harness, shock absorbing Lanyard and backpack.

Miller Scorpion Backpack Kit

Miller Scorpion Backpack Kit£282.42  -  £314.34

Miller H-Design Roofing Kit

Miller H-Design Roofing Kit£243.36

All in one solution for Roofers looking for a lightweight and comfortable solution to work safely and freely on roofs.

Miller DuraFlex Roofing Kit

Miller DuraFlex Roofing Kit£240.96

A complete roofing kit including Miller's DuraFlex Harness for extended usage and comfort.

Kratos MEWP/Cherry Picker Restraint Kit

Kratos MEWP/Cherry Picker Restraint Kit£216.24

A great value Cherry Picker/Mobile Elevated Working Platform (MEWP) Kit including a harness, steel screwgate karabiner, a retractable webbing fall arrester/Personal fall Limiter and an anchorage webbing sling.

Kratos Roofers Height Safety Kits

Kratos Roofers Height Safety Kits£160.80  -  £198.24

A Kit for facades, roofs and window cleaners with a harness, steel screwgate karabiner and a guided type fall arrester on Kermantle rope with an energy absorbing lanyard. Available in 10 and 20 metre lengths.

Miller H-Design Construction BackPack Kit

Miller H-Design Construction BackPack Kit£154.50  -  £186.96

A great 'all in one' height safety kit from market leaders Miller. Includes Miller's H-Design Duraflex ergonomic and comfort harness.

Miller Titan Roofers Kit

Miller Titan Roofers Kit£118.02


Titan Roofers Kit with 2 Point Harness and 10m Lifeline with Rope Grab.
Suitable for use on sloping roofs where retractable lifelines may react too slowly.

Miller Titan Restraint Kit

Miller Titan Restraint Kit£62.70

Miller Titan Restraint Kit is ideal to avoid falls.

Miller Construction Backpack Kit

Miller Construction Backpack KitCALL

Designed for use in the construction idustry.

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We also supply a simple roof safety harness kit or a ladder safety harness kit in order to restrain you from any falls that could occur when working in the air. These restraints include a 1 point harness along with 2 17mm opening steel krabiners

There are Kratos Roofers height safety kits available that is especially useful for window cleaners that has a manual locking position which makes it perfect for working on roofs. It also includes a sports bag!