Fall Protect Plus offers a wide range of lanyards and manyards including single leg, twin leg, energy absorbing manyards, short connection, restraint and work positioning lanyards in many different sizes and with many different connections to suit your application.

With such a large amount of options available when choosing a lanyard, it can be hard deciding which would be best for you. Here are some useful guidelines when looking for the right one. Do you need:

  • Restraint Lanyard / Energy Absorbing Lanyards / Shock Absorbing Lanyards / Work Positioning Lanyards
  • Single / Twin / Forked Lanyards
  • Webbing Lanyards / Kernmantle Rope Lanyards / Twisted Rope / Manyard (Expandable Webbing)
  • Adjustable Lanyards / Fixed Length
  • Harness Extension Lanyard

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Tool Lanyards

Tool Lanyards

A dropped tool can cost a life. Eliminate the risk with our extensive Tool Lanyard range.