EN? European Standards Explained

Tuesday, 23 August 2016  |  Martin

Example ImageWhat is an EN Standard and why is it important?

European Standards offer a harmonised technical specification for manufacturers and buyers across the European Union and set out minimum requiremnets for their production and 

Standards are technical specifications defining requirements for products, production processes, services or test-methods. These specifications are voluntary. They are developed by industry and market actors following some basic principles such as consensus, openness, transparency and non-discrimination. Standards ensure interoperability and safety, reduce costs and facilitate companies' integration in the value chain and trade.

European Standards are under the responsibility of the European Standardisation Organisations (CEN,CENELECETSI

When talking about Height Safety PPE the following standards are most widely used.

EN 361:2002 - PPE against falls from height - Full Body Harnesses

      The most commonly seen EN standard should be clearly marked on the Manufacturers label along with the CE marking.

EN 813:2008 – Personal fall protection equipment - Sit Harnesses

      A more specialist harness commonly used by Arborists (Tree Surgeons) and Window Cleaners.


For more detail regarding EN Standards I would suggest reading the following document published by HSE (Health & Safety Executive):